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Skaarj Castle V2 - Screenshots (Set 1)

Skaarj Castle V2 - Screenshots (Set 2)

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Skaarj Castle V2 - Screenshots (Set 4)

About My Maps



These were the first two maps I have ever made for Unreal (or any other game).  I made the maps to keep the spirit of the old game alive.  The first map I made was called Skaarj Castle, which was made for cooperative play on Unreal (a download link is provided at the bottom).  Then I made Skaarj Tower, and revamped Skaarj Castle, and released them both for single player play on Unreal, under the title, Skaarj Tower - Shadow and Fire.  I made the maps so that they were consistent with the original Unreal architecture and gameplay (I did not want to overload them with “eye-candy”, mods, or the like, and had a goal of keeping things simple).


Now I have a very good understanding of the Unreal Editor.  I enjoy making maps with a medieval theme to them, and have large outdoor areas associated with them.  I am not sure if I am ever going to make more maps, but I already have several more maps planned in my mind and ready to go to continue the Skaarj Tower series.  Only time will tell what I do.



Download Link for Skaarj Caslte (Original Map for Cooperative Play)
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